Everyone deserves to breathe fresh-air.

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“Our Clarifion air filter has been amazing ! My son has been ill from allergies every spring and this is the first year he’s ever experienced relief! I actually did not think this device would actually work but it DID!! I highly recommend it! I give it 5 STARS!”

Shiela L.

“I have been suffering from severe allergies since December almost especially in my office! Ever since plugging the Clarion in - my voice has felt a lot better and no sneezing!!! It is simply Amazing! I would highly recommend it!”

Dana G.

“So easy to use, I love that I can plug it in and forget about it. No filters or maintenance. I have them plugged in all over my house.”

Angela M.

“I noticed a difference in the air right away. Especially in the living room/dining room area. And that was with just one Clarifion and plugged in about a foot off the floor. I’m impressed and will recommend. PS They are well designed and good looking too.”

Judith W.

“It seems to be working well. I have a half dozen cats and I am able to tell a big difference in the house. The air is a lot crisper. It also accomplished the task rather quickly. Good buy.”

Val S.
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“The future of home air purification is here.”

Help Protect Against Airborne Pollutants

Eco-Friendly Product Designs

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Why Clarifion?

Everyone deserves to breathe fresh air at home. At Clarifion, we’re committed to developing high-tech new products to help you breathe easier.

  • Innovative Technology

  • Our line of air ionizers and purifiers are designed with cutting-edge research and made from premium materials.

  • Affordable Pricing

  • We’re proud to offer a selection of home air purifiers to fit into any budget.

  • 30-Day Guarantee

  • If you’re not 100% satisfied that you’re breathing fresher air with our products, simply contact our friendly support team for a return. Just pay a small processing fee and return shipping.

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